Spring Floors 40′ x 40′

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Spring Floors 40 x 40 - $8,600

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    A standard Gymnastics Floor has only 1 spring every square foot. So when you're standing along the edge, the floor will bend more because there are no more floor boards to support the edge you're on. Choose this option and we'll provide an addtitional row of springs around the perimeter edges. 2 springs per square foot around floor edges delivers so much extra support, when standing on your floor's edges, it will be just as if you are standing in the middle. This is a great option for gyms with high level athletes.
    When a spring floor is directly adjacent a pit or other equipment, it's critical the floor doesn't shift. Our exclusive Retention Wall System locks your spring floor in place without interfering in any way with or inhibiting the floor's response. Bolted directly into the concrete floor and precisely seated beneath your spring floor perimeter, our Retention System does not extrude beyond your floor's border. This option is only needed if floor shifting would be a problem.
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