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Spring floors are an essential part of any modern training facility. There are several types of gymnastics spring floors on the market today. You must first choose which floor meets your needs, wood or plastic.

Wood or Plastic?

First, is this floor staying down or being moved around a lot. If you are purchasing a floor the will be transported a lot it may be worthwhile to invest in a plastic panel floor. These floors cost a lot more but the boards are guaranteed for life and they will not break. Wood floors will damage easily from a lot of transporting them around and wear out a lot faster. .

Double Spring Border?

The outside edge of the floor will feel softer than the middle since there are no more boards supporting the floor along the edge. A way to fix this is to add a double spring border, which is two spring every foot instead of one. This extra row of spring makes the outside edge of the floor feel just as firm as the middle of the floor. This is really good for bigger higher level athletes that may start or land closer to the edge. Also if you have a lot of kids that stand on the edge of the floor this can cause some undue wear and tear. the double spring border give the edge more support reducing the wear and tear along the edge.

Carpet or Carpet bonded foam(CBF)?

Carpet and foam seperate is the more expesive option. However the carpeting will be softer and give the athletes more cushion on their feet. CBF is less expensive and a good cost cutting option to save money.

1-3/8″ or 2″ Thick Foam?

Do you have bigger and higher level kids or smaller and low level? If you mostly have little low level kids 1-3/8″ is more than sufficient thickness of foam. But once you start getting into bigger and higher level athletes, they will want the extra cushioning that the 2″ gives them.

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