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Spring Floor Maintenance – Everything you should be checking!

Spring floors are by far the most heavily used apparatus in the gym, but they also get the least amount of attention. Every couple of years, you should take the carpet and foam off your floor and inspect the floorboards. This is an important part of longterm spring floor maintenance.
Installing Spring Flooring - US Gym Products


First of all, plastic floors are incredibly durable, but they still need maintenance. Over time, springs can fall off, the H-channels will shift, and straps can loosen. As a result, gaps will form between the boards. You can use duct tape to hold the H-channels in place, but eventually, the tape will break and the channels will move. It is very important to go through this floor every couple years to make sure channels are where they should be. In addition, check the straps to make sure they are tight and that gaps have not formed between the boards.


The biggest advantage of two-layer floor systems is there are no H-channels or straps to move or get loose. First of all, the main issue with these floors is that boards will break. The most common boards to break will be the top layer, usually along a seam of the bottom layer of boards. This is where the cracks and breaks will start to form. Again, this will usually be in the high traffic areas in the punching and landing zones. Bottom boards can break, but you will usually find 4-6 broken top boards for every 1 broken bottom board.


Single layer wood floors suffer from the same maintenance problems as the plastic floors. Additionally, the wooden boards themselves can break and get cracks in them. Take special care to look at the high traffic, punching and landing areas of the floor. These floor boards are most prone to breaking and cracking.

Spring Flooring at Penn State - US Gym Products

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