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US GYM PRODUCTS builds and installs (optional) our own superb spring floors using RUSSIAN BALTIC BIRCH. Our floors use a two layer system of wood (5×5, 9mm (3/8) thick sheets) which is far superior to single layer systems for floor consistency. All our floors use world-renowned Palmer floor springs.
Spring Floor with Palmer Springs

You can choose to have your floor assembled in one of three ways:


The bolt system is an assembly process exclusive to US Gym Products, which uses four high strength steel bolts/5×5 sheets. Guaranteed never to break and deliver maximum flexibility and bounce. This system is only for permanent installations and is not for portable floors.


We use high strength screws to hold the two layers together. We can adjust the firmness of the floor based upon the number of screws we use. More screws produce a stronger floor to better accommodate larger athlete. With fewer screws, the floor is softer and better for younger/smaller athletes. If you need to move your floor from time to time, this method is great!


This system uses a combination of both hook and loop Velcro stapled to each layer of wood. This provides a good bond between the layers holding the floor together. Additionally, this system is effective for frequently moved floors.

Our spring floors are available in three standard sizes: 40′ x 40′, 42′ x 42′ and 54′ x 54′.  We also offer custom gymnastic spring floors and are experts at crafting them to your exact specifications.

For a custom size spring floor call 1-877-GYM-PRODUCTS

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Spring Floors
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Spring Floors
US Gym Products builds and installs (optional) our own superb spring floors using Russian Baltic Birch. All our standard size floor include free shipping within the continental US.