MQ451 MonkeyQuipment Inline Circuit


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MonkeyQuipment Inline Circuit Skill Development Apparatus is designed for beginning gymnastics and built to scale for Kids under 150 pounds. Inline Circuit Set consists of one each MonkeyQuipment set of Uneven Bars, a Single Bar Trainer, Parallel Bars and Ring Frame.

To configure this Inline Circuit Set each item shares a common base and is positioned along a single line requring only 23′ 3″ x 6′ of gym floor space.  .

Bar trainers are furnished with 39mm round rails.Low Uneven bar, Single Bar Trainer and P-Bars adjust from 36″ to 52″.  Uneven’s high bar adjusts from 60″ to 75″.  Ring frame top adjusts to 96″ and includes real wood rings.

Clamping Pin adjustment knobs are a combination spinklock/snaplock. Other features include chrome plated ring frame top and apparatus pistons with eyebolt bearings at the point of bar connection for faster bar action. Uprights are coated in hard acrylic white paint (not dark blue as pictured).

Recommended matting:  Four 5′ x 10′ x 8″ Soft Throw Mats.


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