Hurdle Helper


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The Hurdle Helper is an innovative system of soft blocks and sticks that can be Velcroed together in multiple ways to teach progressions for a variety of skills. From Preschool to Pre-team, the Hurdle Helper will be every teacher’s go to for FUN and creative tumbling, vault and beam stations.

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The Hurdle Helper will be a valuable tool in your gym. It is easy to set up and changes quickly to teach a wide variety of skills. Athletes will love using these creative and fun stations!

The Hurdle Helper has a base mat that is approximately 3ft x 4ft and 5/8in thick. This base mat has closed loop carpet on the top and blue non-skid on the bottom. The base mat also has a 4in wide line down the middle that is part red and part white. These colors can help to teach students about reaching longer or lunging farther.

The system includes 6 soft red sticks that can be arranged in different set ups to teach cartwheels, round offs, and hurdling techniques. Use the 2 longer, red sticks with Velcro flaps, to create an upright obstacle. The system also comes with a soft red block that is 15in x 10in and is 4in thick for reaching or jumping over. All the sticks and block have Velcro on the bottom, in order to connect them to the base mat.


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