Stunt Double Deluxe


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The Stunt Double is a personal training device for cheerleader bases.  It is designed to develop the essential strength, technique, and confidence needed before working safely with a real-life flyer. The product features a sturdy crossbar with a swiveling foot that mimics the action of a flyer, allowing athletes to simulate the act of being the base in a cheer stunt.  The Stunt Double also provides strength-building resistance when lifting the device overhead. U.S. Patent 9,308,413

  • Sturdy steel upper crossbar with swivel foot attached.
  • Steel eye rings at each end of the upper crossbar securely hold bungee carabiners
  • Three bungees of varying length and tension
  • Heavy duty carabiners secure the bungees in place
  • Comes with a pair of adjustable ankle straps
  • Foot accepts a size 6/7 women’s shoe for a more realistic feel.  Note: Shoe not included.
By using the Stunt Double, cheer coaches and athletes are able to make important corrections in shaping, stunt progressions, and stunt timing, as well as judge core strength and shoulder flexibility without risking injury to a flyer.  Add a cheer shoe to the foot (shoe not included) for an even more authentic feel.
  • Safety
  • Building Strength
  • Perfecting Technique

The Deluxe Version includes everything you get with the standard unit plus an additional (3) sets of bungees and (1) set of ankle straps.



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