Tumbl Trak Bungee Ramp



Tumbl Trak Bungee Ramp

On its own, the Tumbl Trak Bungee Ramp provides a quick, very responsive 36″ x 48″ platform for hand or foot takeoff.  Place it on top of a vault trainer to boost. When attached to a Bungee Mat the two become a very approachable vault trainer or mini tramp for athletes weighing 100lbs or less.    Since each unit weighs less than 20 pounds, they are very easy to move. Also, it can be used as the top of a vault trainer to maximize propulsion.

Bungee Ramp requires optional continuous flow inflator such as the Tumbl Trak Blower or even a reliable reversible shop vac.

NOTE: ALL BUNGEE PRODUCTS ARE INTENDED FOR INDOOR USE ONLY. If used outside, warranty will be voided.

Please note: We honor all current Tumbl Trak sale prices.



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