Tumbl Trak Al Fong Spotting Blocks System


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Al Fong Spotting Blocks System

The Al Fong Spotting Block System is a group of lightweight, compatible, versatile blocks that are useful in all levels of gymnastics training.  For years,  Al Fong has produced championship level athletes using techniques and equipment developed over a long and illustrious career. These blocks have been a staple in his gymnastics program and are soon to be indispensable in yours!

24 Months on material and workmanship.

SPECIFICATIONS:  Each Al Fong Spotting Block Stack includes the following (1) 3’ X 3’x 8’ Block (1) 3’ X 1’ x 8’ Plank (2) 3’ X 1’ x 4’ Planks.

The Blocks and Planks are made up of 2 different types of foam. The top has 4″ of EVA Crosslink Foam with a Solid Polystyrene Core. There is no EVA Crosslink Foam on the bottom, to help with increased stability.

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One Stack, Two Stack, 3ft x 3ft x 8ft, 3ft x 1ft x 8ft, 3ft x 1ft x 4ft, 5ft x 5ft x 8in Throw Mat


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