Ninja Obstacle Course 10 Pc Obstacle Pkg (NO CARPET)


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SAVE when you purchase our 10 piece obstacle course package.

Package includes:
• 4 Slanted Steps, Model NS-104
• 4 Pillars, Model NP-104
• 1 Barrier, Model NB-100
• 1 Ninja Table, Model NT-100

A 6′ x 21′ x 2″ thick Flexi-Roll® section is the ideal size base for our full package. This Flexi-Roll® section, Model NX-621, is Sold Separately.

WARNING: Ninja obstacles are designed to attach to carpet bonded foam. The hook fastener on the bottom of each shape is intended to attach securely to the carpet bonded foam surface. Use caution, older carpet bonded foam surfaces can be worn or compressed to the point that it will not allow the hook attachment to the hold obstacle in place. Do not use if you have any concern about the condition or suitability of this equipment. All instructors and users must be made aware of hazard information supplied with this equipment. This is not a toy.

Click here to see a video demonstration for the Ninja Obstacle Course.


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