Liquid Chalk, one 1.5 oz. sample with carabiner





New! Single 1.5oz with Carabiner.

This smaller size of Liquid Chalk is perfect for climbing, weightlifting, and mobile gymnastic demonstrations. Carabiner included to ensure product is close by when needed.

Why use Liquid Chalk for Climbing?

  • Small size: This product packs away easily in your bag.
  • Secure clip: By clipping on the carabiner, you’ll be sure to always have your chalk close at hand.
  • Sweat-proof: Liquid chalk stays on your hands even when you’re sweating, so you can maintain your grip even in the most precarious of situations.
  • Residue-Free: Leave behind no trace with a dust & residue-free grip chalk alternative.

Benefits of Liquid Chalk:

  • Easy to apply: Simply squeeze the bottle and spread a dime size amount solution evenly over your hands, let it dry, and use.
  • No dust: Liquid chalk dries quickly and leaves no dust residue, making it ideal for use in gyms and other indoor settings.
  • Long-lasting: Liquid chalk lasts longer than regular chalk, so you don’t have to reapply as often.

Trusted by the Pros

Liquid chalk is used by Cirque du Soleil, SeaWorld San Diego, and hundreds of gyms around the US. It is the trusted choice of professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Buying for your commercial or home gym? Find larger quantities here.

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Liquid Chalk, one 1.5 oz. sample with carabiner
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