Designed specifically to accomodate AAI vault tables and trainers fitted with CFS bases.  Mats attach securely with velcro to provide a stable, level 4′ x 8′ spotting surface. Available in both 12cm and 20cm thicknesses.

Vault Anchor Mats are covered with durable 18oz coated vinyl.  12cm mats are filled with a top layer of 3.5cm (­1.375″) crosslink over a second 8.5 (3.35″) thick layer of prime 70 ILD polyfoam. 20cm mats are filled with 3.5cm (1.375″) of crosslink over a 7.62cm (3″) thick layer of prime 45 ILD polyfoam and a bottom layer of 8.9cm (3.5″) of prime 75 ILD polyfoam.

Standard color is Royal Blue; other colors available at no additional charge.

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