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A cheese mat is a helpful tool for athletes practicing cheerleading, dance, and gymnastics to master new skills before taking them to a level surface. Sometimes referred to as a wedge or incline mat, these large mats have a n a folding incline mat, tumbling cheese mat, or wedge mat. It is one of the most common tools for building skills for cheer, gymnastics, or any other tumbling skills and it can be used for all ages.

Some of the skills that can be improved upon using a Tumbl Trak cheese wedge mat are vaulting, bar training, floor work, tumbling, handsprings, front walkovers, etc. These products are commercial grade, can be used by all ages, and are great for the gym or home.


gymnastics cheese mats

Tumbl Trak gymnastics training tool, cheese mats, cheese wedges, or folding inclines.

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